Jen Wallace ([personal profile] jenjin) wrote2017-01-01 12:12 pm

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Happy New Year

This is my first entry here and I hope to continue journaling this year. I am delving into new study and need a place to track my progress.

I'm hoping this image insertion works because this is pretty much how i'm feeling about 2017. Uncertain and somewhat apprehensive. So many people were crying over 2016, but on a personal level, I went through a year of tremendous growth and found a place of peace.

Anyway, I'm going to be using this to catalog some of my favorite things and latest projects.

PERFUME: Breathless Chuckle
MOVIE: Little Sister
EATING: Just finished up the pie crust for the Apple Pie i'm putting together today. Cooking up some Black-Eyed Peas with Corn Fritters for supper.
READING Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers

So yah, it's good to be here and I hope 2017 is epic for myself, my loves, and really the whole dang world.